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The launch of the EIC news letter is scheduled for the beginning of August. It will be in plain text format with articles about the online engineering community and related subjects.

The letter will be sent by E-mail ONLY to subscribers. Each Subscriber is free to pass the news letter on to interested parties. Facilities for cancellation will be on the bottom of each news letter as well as on the EIC web site.

Due to the problems associated with Spam mail we cannot and will not send any newsletter unsolicited. The laws of Spam mail vary from country to country and we are bound by our terms of service with our host. It is possible that someone will maliciously enter your name and your email address for a copy of the newsletter. If you think that may have happened, please notify us at We may still have the record of the IP address that signed for it. THIS IS NOT FOOL PROOF. There is obviously a possibility of malicious cancellation of your news letter, again contact us and we may still have the record of the cancellation. 

If you are being pestered with spam mail by any one at all. We at EIC recommend you open an account at We have no affiliation with them but we do use them ourselves. 

If you did not receive your industry news letter or wish to view the newsletter online, they are available in the news archives.

Articles and news submissions can be mailed to us at for inclusion in the following news letter and/or the news pages on this site.

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