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Advertising Terms & Conditions

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Advertising Terms & Conditions

1) All entries are accepted at our discretion and we reserve the right to refuse or delete any listing at any time should an advert be or become deemed unsuitable for continued placement. 

2) Engineers International (EIC) will not run adverts that are free for all schemes (FFA), multi level marketing schemes (MLM), pyramid selling, pornographic, illegal or racially offensive, provoke hatred or violence or 'get rich quick' schemes. 

3) Cancellations will not be entitled to any refund. Any refund offered will be entirely at our discretion.

4) EIC reserves the right to revise the advertising rates at any time without prior notice.

5) The position of the advert will be settled in correspondence between EIC and the advertiser. EIC may at any time run additional adverts on extra pages with no extra charge to the advertiser. EIC reserves the right to remove these extra placements at any time without prior notification or reason.

6) Engineers International is sponsored by organisations not necessarily directly related to engineering. EIC reserves and exercises the right to privacy of all its sponsors and their involvement within the organisation.






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