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Engineering Students

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The Engineering Students section is designed to aid you the student, up the ladder of success. 

Engineers International has the eyes and ears of all the big names in industry 

So let's make the connection 

Your number one engineering resource has found a way to offer you exposure to the industry bigwigs

We'll start with a few basic facts. You are studying hard, have a project to complete, and yet you will leave uni  with just a reference from the shelf-filling job you had at Safeway's. What you need is a great reference from an Engineering company.

Get the picture ?

Let me make it crystal clear. The staff at your favourite engineering site are busy compiling the biggest engineers resource the world has ever known. You can be a part of it.

how ?

That's the easy bit. We need engineering researchers. We need you to bring us the latest news, supply us with engineering companies and Institutions URLs. We want a complete list of all schools colleges and universities from around the world that run engineering courses. Let's face it, if it has to do with engineering, WE WANT IT ! 


So what do you get out of it  ?

Right, like I said, we have the eyes and the ears of the industry bigwigs. They know who we are we know who they are. So here is what we at engineers international will do for your career.
 For outstanding research performance, we will include your name, hyperlinked with your email address on the relevant page(s). We will only put 3 names on a page per month. They will be the top 3 names only. Yes, your name is up there for the whole world to see that you are the top achiever There is more ! 

We will also offer a reference free of charge to ALL students taking part. The more you put in, the better your reference. Your details will be kept on file and your employers are free to contact us to verify your reference.

Engineers International Dept. Of Research

I once heard a line that has stuck with me all my life. " There are 3 types of people, those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those that sit and wonder what the hell happened "  which one are you?

Engineers International Dept. Of Research needs you, you need us. Let's make this happen together. If you have read this page and it feels like I'm talking straight to you, then you are exactly the type of person I want. Now. You can mail me from the EIC logo, easier still, just hit the feedback links and fill in the fields. Tell me what section you want to get involved in, mark it to  EIDOR and I'll mail you back with what we need in your area. 

Hey, I may be bright, but I'm not infallible, if you have any suggestions, ideas or topical jokes, I'd love to hear them. 


Don't forget, The discussion forum has been set up for all your engineering related questions. need to know a formula on the fly? well post it and the rest of the world can help you. We have a Student Discussion Forum where the not so serious questions can be posted.  Remember all the resources on EIC are totally free. We will remain a free engineers support service thanks to our sponsors. All the staff at EIC are engineers, we have a common interest in the engineering industries and will fight tooth and nail to make everyone, worldwide, appreciate engineers for what they are and what they can achieve.

I have said my piece, now I turn to you. You want a successful career, mail me now. Don't wait, scroll up or down the page and contact me and let us work together to give you the flying start to your career, you need. You can even hit the happy guy in the side bar and chat directly to a member of staff. Go on, they don't bite, they tell me they like chatting to our viewers because it is "better than work"



Do it now



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Keeping EIC Free 



Thank you For Using


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