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Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to the engineers international FAQ.

Here we attempt to answer some common questions About Engineers International.

1) Can I exchange links with Engineers International ?
Yes, we operate a link exchange program so long as your website is engineering related. 

2) Can I add my company to the company directory ?
Yes, if you have an engineering company you can submit your URL or email address to us from the directory page.

3) Are there any CV samples I can use ?
No, we encourage you to read the instructions and create an original style CV that still conforms to industry standards.

4) what is your privacy policy ?
we do not sell or give away any private information, including personal email addresses. The only information available to the public domain is freely available throughout the web site.

5) How do you maintain this service for free ?
We rely on our sponsors and advertisers. Some sponsors maintain anonymity, others use the website for advertising. Every page has the facility for running a single banner ad on it. 

6) Can Engineers International help me find a job ?
Yes, we can HELP you find a job. we have several job directories at our disposal. When you have your CV ready, drop us a line and we'll do our best to help you on your way.

7) I have a press release for my company, can you help ?
If you have a press release for your engineering related company, institute, association, college et cetera, we will review it and if acceptable, post it on our news pages.

8) Is Engineers International for sale ?
Everything has a price tag.

9) Who owns Engineers International ?
Kusashi Proprietary limited. A-K strategic business solutions run the web based affairs. 

10) I have composed my CV, will your team review it for me?
Yes, the careers team will review it for you and suggest any alterations. Regardless of the review, you are free to post your CV in the popular candidates section.




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